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Welcome to the Putting Lab of SGPL powered by Quintic und Golfbiodynamics!

SGPL have teamed up with Dr. Paul Hurrion one of the world's leading Biomechanicists and renowed Putting Experts to offer you the most comprehensive analysis and advise available in Switzerland.


Dr. Paul Hurrion works with a number of European Tour Players, including Padrig Harrington, Rory McIlroy, Stephen Gallagher, Oliver Wilson, Ryder Cup Captain Paul McGinley and may more.


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6D Putting mit Golfbiodynamics

Most sytems concentrate only on tracking the putter, however in our opinion what the putter does is very dependent on how the body is aligned and how the body moves the putter during the swing.

In order to accurately analyse both the body and club need to be tracked.

Our system is the only system which can do this in 6D giving you the best chance to improve your putting.

Our Putting Analysis including report and effective putting improvement drills 
cost CHF 250.00 per hour.

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Markus Ostberg
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Jan Schmid


SGPL are the only Golf Academy in Switzerland to have the Quintic Ball Roll and 6D Body Analysis whilst putting





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