3D System

How it works


Receivers and sensors are attached to various parts of the body which distort the magnetic field created by the transmitter. The data is then collected and analysed by us and compared to parameters of the 'model swing' of any specific body type. A short or three to four page report is prepared and presented to the client in around five minutes.
The system is fully portable, can be used both indoors and outdoors and requires no additional lighting etc.

How it differs


Our 3D system is designed as a complement and not a replacement of two-dimensional video analysis. It delivers results that are quantitative and not qualitative and, with data collected in real-time, biofeedback work can be implemented.

Our system is highly accurate - to 1 degree and 1 mm - so movements and timing sequences are easily identified; impossible on a 2D image.

The benefits of working in three dimensions include:

  • Optimisation of the golf swing improves performance and assists in injury prevention.
  • Understanding the kinematics chain is necessary in golf as it is in all power sports. The timing sequence (pelvis, torso, hands) needs to be understood to provide sound energy transfer through impact.
  • Identifying pupils' physical limitations allows the instructor to devise the best training protocols to achieve peak performance.
  • 'X-factor', a term first used by Jim McLean in the early 1990s to describe relative rotation of the pelvis and torso throughout the swing, and 'x-factor stretch', which quantifies the increased stretch (differential) in the commencement of the downswing, mean that skilled golfers versus unskilled golfers can be easily identified. These can only be measured in three dimensions.
  • Research has shown that extra stretch on the muscle and active resistance to this stretch can increase the force contraction of the muscle. The maximum stretch of the rotational muscles of the trunk responds to a faster more powerful contraction - this stretch recoil can be easily identified in 3D.



Our system has a biofeedback facility which enables the pupil to accelerate the learning of a new motor skill (movement).

This feature allows the coach to select an area in need for improvement. By selecting parameters for the required sensor to move within, the pupil is able to 'feel' the change by an audible tone triggered by a correct or incorrect movement.

This is an extremely valuable tool for players of all levels.




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