We have a range of articles which we hope you will find of benefit to your game.

Dr Paul Hurrion - The leading Brit in his field
A Rolling Brief
Danny Willett: Seeing is believing
Lead-arm mechanics - By Rob Neal
Professor Dr Rob Neal shows you how  to move your hips during transition and into impact
How to develop confidence
Golf and Flow
Staying in the present
How to Practice

Striping it like Tiger Woods

The Effect of “Head Still” on the Golf Swing

How does streching change the X-Factor?

Kinematic Sequence: Transition and Downswing Phases

Stack & Tilt – Let’s Review the Science

The effect of weak back muscle on swing technique

Introducing the rate of recoil of a golf swing

It all begins with good posture

Strength training myths (golf)

Swing sequencing case study

Tips for young golfers


Putting Report

Pitching Report
Structuring of the Pre Shot Routine

Golf Biodynamics Newsletter 4

Lucas Knecht

First Time "The Boss"

The other Swing Analysis

Trink dich fit!
Golf and Country

At SGPL we have a full range of exercises designed by our partners at T.G.A. The exercises will improve flexibility, release tightness, therby increasing the range of movement and your ability to move in the correct sequence.

TGA has trained our local partners to carry out Golf Specific Screening and to advise our Players how best to improve

  • Fitness
  • Flexibility
  • Functional Stability
  • Strength and Power

Here are a few examples to get you started.

Standing Trunk Rotation

Standing Glutal Stretch

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