BioDynamics Reporting System

The 3D Swing Analysis
A choice of three different reports for Long Game. All are easy to understand and produced in full colour. Client receives both a hard copy and an electronic copy of the Report.

The Full Report
The Full Report (2 pages) is comprehensive and most popular with Golfers and Teaching Professionals.

The Short Report
The Short Report (1 page) is great for large groups or School formats. For Tour Professionals and their Swing Coaches a more detailed (4 page) report is available


Other Reports and Features

Short Game Analysis
The Short Game Analysis Report evaluates how effectively a golfer can move his or her body to hit shots to 40, 50 and 60 m. Subsets of parameters are evaluated to gain insight into the distance and accuracy control that players have. The report includes tabular data along with comparative data on tour level male and female players.

Putting Analysis
Putting analysis requires a different set of sensor locations to the other swing analyses. For the Putting Report sensors are positioned on the left forearm and wrist, head and butt of the putter. Variables reported include putter path, face angle, wrist and forearm angles, the amount of “wrist break” and head movement. Data are presented graphically.

BioFeedback Training
The Golf Biodynamics 3D System also has a Biofeedback Training feature. This feature allows the swing coach or operator to select a range of values for a particular swing parameter. The golfer moving outside this “corridor” (as coined by Jim McLean) will trigger an audible tone (“beep”) that immediately lets the golfer know that he/she has deviated from the desired movement pattern. This training option speeds up the learning of new motor patterns associated with technique change. A very valuable tool for players of all levels.

Take home CD

We can produce a take home CD, for the golf client to view animations of their own swing on a PC with the software we use. View multiple swings from any perspective, draw graphs, generate the numbers and even compare swings with one of the many tour professionals in our database.


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