About SGPL

Swiss Golf Performance Lab

Our Mission

SGPL was founded with the specific goal to help golfers of all levels to play their best Golf.

How We Help

Golf can be confusing at times with a bewildering variety of methods, techniques, swing fashion and swing aids not to mention you tube available today.

Whilst information is Great it can also cause you to become stuck. Don’t be held back with your game. You were designed for more.

We offer you your best chance to play your best golf. We use our association with World Leading experts to up-skill and offer you the latest cutting edge research based on sports science and applied, biomechanics.

We use Real Time analysis and biofeedback tools to help you solve your specific problems faster.

We have over 35 years of coaching experience and a track record of helping golfers to achieve their individual goals.

We act as your guide helping you every step of your journey to ensure your success is guaranteed.

Our Team