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In Golf, there are lot of old myths which can hold you back.

Do you waste time going around in circles from one swing fashion to another?

We don’t believe in guessing when it comes to your game

  • We give you the measured facts about your game in order that you can make informed choices
  • We apply cutting edge research based on sports science and Applied Biomechanics using the latest real time analysis and Biofeedback tools to enable you to learn faster and transform your game
  • We want you to have best chance to improve your game
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6D Golfbiodynamics

Using precise sensors to track both your body movement and the club in space.
The Golfbiodynamics system will generate a 3D image of you and your swing.
After hitting approx 10 shots the system will also generate your report. We will walk you through your data and be able to compare your swing to your ideal corridors of movement.

By learning to move in a more efficient way you will be able to gain more distance, become more consistent and avoid injury. Biofeedback training will translate instruction into feels and thereby enable you to learn faster.

Tour players and National Teams all over the world are using 6D Golfbiodynamics to improve their game.

Its time for you to have the same opportunity.

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K-Coach allows us to measure what your body is doing in 3D, build an improvement plan for you to follow and train the movements that are specific to your swing. The swing reports generated by K-Coach are easy to understand, pinpointing swing inefficiencies. Biofeedback assists You to make the correct movements and provides you with the correct feel that you can recreate your own. Its perfect practice every time. The K-Coach has an extensive library of preloaded drills and exercises to help you improve faster.

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Understand how you can apply force and pressure in order to accelerate the club.

The bodi track system will enable you to see and feel the changes you need to make in order to gain power and consistency.

Great to improve both your long game and short game.

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Quintic Ball Roll software utilizes a high-speed camera (360-1060.00 frames per second) tracking the golf ball for the first 16 inches (roughly 40cm) of the putt and the putter head, both pre and post impact. The software then automatically provides all of the information you need regarding the putter and ball, both graphically and numerically, in a way that was formerly only available in full swing analysis software for irons and woods. Following a simple calibration procedure (right or left handed golfers), the Quintic software can be used indoors in a controlled putting studio or outdoors on the putting green with the same degree of accuracy. Allow our Quintic accredited coaches to guide you to your best putting.

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Trackman is the choice of the golf industry’s top players, coaches, club fitters, equipment manufacturers, and organizations.

A doppler radar that tracks both the golf club and golf ball giving 27 different parameters. The rich data gathered by the trackman allows accurate information to be given, taking out any guess work. Allow us to guide you through your numbers and optimise your game. Improve distance off the tee, distance and control with your irons, spin and distance control of your wedges.


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